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More 401k Participants Are Likely To File Complaints During An Economic Crisis! Retirement Plan Sponsors Guide in Times of COVID-19: 
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To Take Advantage Of Free Weekly Information Only (No Selling) Webinar Series (Dates and Times Vary).........
Every plan adviser and fiduciary has been deluged with questions dealing with the issues retirement plans face in today's tough economy. COVID-19 information and policies are fluid, incomplete, confusing, and sometimes vague.

Are you sure your provider or adviser has the knowledge and expertise to service your plan within DOL and IRS guidelines? How would you know unless you had the updated information your providers should have?

Do you know that plan sponsors are personally liable for any errors and unwarranted financial losses to participant accounts, regardless of a co-fiduciary adviser engagement?

Here is an easy way that plan sponsors and fiduciaries can get access to the information their plan provider should have. Keep everyone honest.

For a limited time we are now allowing all 401k fiduciary access informative and insightful webinar series (no sales pitch).
Presentation slides and a recording of the presentation will be made available via website portal.

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